Upcoming Art Show in Calgary

Friday October 18 from 4 to 8 pm – Saturday October 19 from 10 am to 4 pm

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Crescent Height Community Centre 1101 2nd St NW.

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We are Local Artists!

Brenda Banda Johnson, Karen Biko, Holly Burghardt, Connie Geerts, Terri Heinrichs, Janice Lochhead, Cynthia Makara, Alison Philpotts, Jeweliyana Reece, Darren Umbsaar, Sharon Lynn Williams. 

“The painter has the Universe in his mind and hands.”
Leonardo da Vinci

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Brenda Banda Johnson

“With my palette knife, loads of acrylic paint and thick gel mediums I attempt to capture the depth and textures of nature that intrigue me.”

Karen Biko

“I love colour and I love expressing movement through my paintings. Each one creates itself on the paper and canvas.”

Holly Burghardt

“My work reflects the value of the moment, the richness of nature, the power of imagery, and the joy of discovering hidden beauty.”

Connie Geerts

“My style of painting has led me to contemplate the idea that we, and everything around us are made of vibrating particles. ”

Terri Heinrichs

“White space, negative space, the in-between.
In art, without the in-between, there would be no recognizable image.

Janice Lochhead

“Each piece is inspired by something different and distinct. I use a wide variety of mixed media to create dramatic paintings full of texture and colour.”

Cynthia Makara

“I am a figurative artist, my paintings are peaceful and relaxing, they tell the glory of the sky and it’s magnificence. I love texture and explore the volume of the material.”

Alison Philpotts

“I am an expressionistic painter, specializing in landscapes. When I paint, it’s like a deep meditation for me, where I shut my brain down, and open my heart.”

Jeweliyana Reece

“Creating in glass is like embarking on a journey through surrender and patience. It’s enticing 12and beautiful, science and rules. It can be sharp yet irresistible to the touch.”

Darren Umbsaar

“I strive to capture the grandeur and wonder of the Canadian Rockies; there are endless combinations of light and colour to explore the mountains.”

Sharon Lynn Williams

“My goal and ambition is to bring beauty and peace into people’s homes through my art, and to offer the life-giving joy of creation to my art students.”

Past Guest Artists – Spring 2023

Rachelle Brady

“My Inspiration comes from things I am drawn to and feel a connection with. My paintings are designed to evoke emotion, radiate contentment and bring happiness.”

Mark Farand

“My paintings on canvas and on scroll cut wood, evoke memories of the terrain in which my generation grew up.”

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